Your Privacy on Blind
Patent no.10-2013-******
Why do I need to verify with my work email?
a. It's the most fool-proof way to verify your employment status
b. It prevents abuse such as multiple users/devices
c. It allows us to remove flagged users and users who have left their jobs

Is Email Verification really safe?
Email verification is safe. Our patented infrastructure is set up so that all user account and activity information is completely disconnected from the email verification process. This effectively means there is no way to trace back your activity on Blind to an email address, because even we can’t do it. Our patented infrastructure ensures your work emails are encrypted and locked away, forever. Your user activity on Blind is stored in a completely separate server. It is impossible to match your user activity to any profile or email information provided upon sign up.
I really don’t want to use my work email. Is there another way to sign up?
You have the option of signing up with a public email domain, such as gmail, yahoo, etc. or an educational domain. Signing up with a public domain or an educational domain will grant you read-only access to Topics Channels. To gain additional access to our other exclusive channels (such as Tech Lounge), you must complete further verification.

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