Blind is created to protect your anonymity
What are the benefits of verifying your work email?
Will I really be anonymous?
Yes. All email addresses are hashed, salted and then encrypted. Blind accounts are stored separately from the hashed email addresses. This means that a user’s activity cannot be traced to an email. As an added measure, we do not collect real names. We also discourage users from sharing too much personal information in their posts and messages, which others could potentially use to identify them.
Sharing personally identifiable information is strictly prohibited on Blind. Any content that violates this policy will be swiftly moderated off our platform.
Can my employer find out whether I’m on Blind?
No. While we do send a verification code, this email can’t serve as evidence of having created an account on Blind. Additionally, we don’t send a confirmation email once an account is created, so it is impossible to prove any individual is active in our community.
User activity is also never connected to any email.

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