What is Blind?

Blind is an anonymous community app for the workplace. Our vision in creating this space was to break down professional barriers and hierarchy; bringing more candid conversations amongst professionals in the same company and/or industry.

How safe is Blind?

In the world of security, nothing is foolproof. That is why our patented infrastructure has been designed to capture as minimal information on our users as possible.

The work domain you verify with is salted and hashed multiple times and stored separately. Even our admins have no access to this information.

Your user accounts live in an entirely separate database. We don’t ask for access to your location, device ID’s, contacts or anything that could potentially risk your privacy.

For any further questions, please reach out to us at blindapp@teamblind.com

What happens when I flag a post or comment?

Our philosophy has always been to allow the community to both generate and moderate on Blind. This is the best way to ensure that our content has voice, relevance and minimal censorship.

When you flag a post or a comment, our flagging engine kicks in. Each flag is weighed differently based on flagging category, velocity of flags and user activity.

A piece of content will be removed and the original poster will be notified if it receives enough flags.

The system will ban OPs for multiple offenses ranging from 3 days to a month and in rare cases, forever.

How do I delete my account?

Under Settings there is an option to reset your account.

If you chose to “reset” all connections to your device and Blind servers are permanently deleted - meaning it would appear as if you have never verified and used our app on your phone.

If you want to regain access to your previous account (ie. previous activity history, etc.) you would need to re-verify with the exact same work domain and password combination.

Please note that due to security restraints, we are unable to retrieve email, password or account information for our users.

For any further questions, please reach out to us at blindapp@teamblind.com

Community Guidelines

How to Blind

We want to foster a diverse and authentic place that gives equal voice to every member of our community. Your company channel is private to you and your coworkers, meaning everything you post is visible across your organization.

Each of you are an important member of the Blind app community. If you see something that you feel violates what we stand for, please use our in-app flagging features to shape conversations and the overall voice of Blind.

We believe there is a need for neutral transparency in the workplace. Take part in building an honest workplace community that is informative, supportive and safe.

How does topics work?

Our newest channel, topics, is designed to make Blind available to a larger audience, still primarily for those working or interested in the technology sector. We’ve taken the liberty to block a number of public domains to prevent abuse.

Users can use features like tagging and mentions to engage with existing users in the community. The goal in building this was to allow the community to move their conversations into deeper, highly engaging topics. Segmented by profession like Engineering, Design, Product Management and even locations like Seattle, San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, New York.

There are other channels?

With enough verified users, a private channel dedicated to your company will be made available automatically. There are legacy groups such as the hardware, or accounting channels that we are planning on largely migrating over to the topic channel.

Lastly our Tech Lounge channel will remain exclusive to current employees of the largest Tech companies and the highest valued tech unicorns in the US.

Why should I enter my job speciality?

This is completely your choice as we wish to respect our user’s professional identity. With the launch of our new topics channel, those users who have marked their profession or location will allow our system to better tailor the user experience to match your interests. Content mentioning your speciality or company will be presented to you first.