Blind app

Blind is an intercompany anonymous community app for the workplace. Our vision in creating this space was to break down professional barriers and hierarchy; bringing more candid conversations amongst professionals in the same company and/or industry.


How is Blind anonymous?

Our app looks simple, but don’t let that fool you. We have hundreds of thousands of verified professionals on our app talking openly about everything from compensation, to politics, to personal advice. Maintaining the professional identity of our users is our number one priority.

  1. Even we have no way of knowing who you are. This seems counter intuitive as users use their LinkedIn profile or work email to verify their employment on Blind, but our patented infrastructure ensures your work emails are hashed and locked away. Forever. Your user activity on Blind is stored in a completely separate server that does not connect to your hashed domain. This means there is no way to connect your activity on Blind back to your work domain.
  2. But our employers can look at who has gotten emails from Blind servers. There are several ways we tackle this challenge.
    1. We make Blind available to hundreds of users at once. So effectively, employers have no way of tracing who is actually who.
    2. We also offer LinkedIn and Facebook primary email verification. This means you can swap your primary email address on Facebook or LinkedIn with your work email and authenticate that way, bypassing your work servers altogether.
    3. For some companies we email verification codes out of random email addresses that are not affiliated with our domain (@teamblind.com)
  3. What if you are hacked? If you are thinking IP tracing, device ID’s, information traveling on your workplace wifi, geolocation etc. We don’t collect any of those data and everything leaving your device is scrubbed and encoded multiple times. In fact, we receive tons of acting attempts on a daily basis and have never been breached. Even if our data were to be compromised, there is nothing in our servers that could result in the identification of our members.


Why do I have to verify with LinkedIn?

At our core, Blind is an exclusive community of verified professionals. We are not an open platform for everyone. LinkedIn is the best way to quickly gauge the background and work experience of our potential users.

Why do I have to verify with my work email? Even after verifying with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s API does not provide us with the level of flexibility we need to determine if a user is in fact employed at the company they claim to be a part of. To protect the integrity of the conversations that happen on Blind we made the difficult decision of having our users go through another layer of verification to take part in our community. We understand it’s cumbersome but trust that our users understand that real information and conversation is at the core of our mission and we cannot make compromises here.

How do you deal with bullying and trolling that seems so natural in an anonymous environment?

Blind is a community app. We believe the only scalable way to combat this problem is if the community is self-moderated; hopefully bringing a healthy balance of authentic conversations and community censorship in a democratic fashion. If you find a particular post or comment to be offensive, please take a moment to flag it to trigger our flagging engine.

How does content flagging work?

This is something we take very seriously.

  1. Each time a piece of content is flagged our system traces which anonymous user had posted that post, which users are flagging and how many flags it has received
    1. If a particular content is flagged too many times, it will go down from the community.
    2. If a user generates too many posts that are flagged out, they will get suspended from the app.
    3. If the same user get suspended several times, they are booted from Blind altogether.
  2. To prevent flagging abuse
    1. We also penalize users who abuse our flagging tool. If they flag everything they see, they will be suspended from the app.
    2. If they continue to abuse our flagging system, they will be booted from Blind as well.
  3. Admin review process exists as in some rare cases a particular interest from a group of users may attempt affect the integrity of our community by collectively starting a string of threads or flagging a particular post or even users who they disagree with. Our policy on this are as follows:
    1. Admin review is administered by one member of Blind and only one.
    2. If a post goes down or a user is booted from our community, our admin is pinged for review.
    3. If a particular post has been flagged by a group of users who have all signed up for Blind on the same day, or a group of users flag multiple different users or content together, those users are suspended from Blind and the content is revived into the thread.

What happens if we delete our posts or comments? Are they really deleted?

Yes. We believe in the privacy of our users. If you decide to go back and remove posts that you have made, they disappear from Blind and even our servers. Our admins have no way of resurfacing what was deleted.

I’m hoping to identify a user for security purposes. Can Blind assist?

In general, no, but we understand that content related self-harm or company leaks etc. may result in your organization reaching out to us for help in identifying members of our community. Please reach out to blindapp@teamblind.com but keep in mind that we have no way of identifying our users as our infrastructure was built this way from the beginning. We don’t have geolocation data, device ID’s, IP addresses or even access to email domains from users at your company.

What happens if I reset my account?

Once you reset your account, everything is immediately deleted from your phone. There will be no trace of you anywhere as nothing is saved for security purposes. You can access your previous account by re-authenticating with the exact same email and password. If you forget your password, unfortunately we have no way of sending that back to you. Please note that you can only re-authenticate once every 7 days for security reasons.

What’s the point in changing my Username?

Some users want to be recognized for their voice and contribution, while others would prefer to stay as anonymous as possible. The ability to change your username gives our members the flexibility to engage with Blind in the fashion they are most comfortable with.

Updated Jan 2017